Thursday, June 11, 2015


Lovelier colour than I had imagined when on the cone: stone.
Not an actual mouse (thank goodness? sadly?), but this lovely silvery grey that came from an old cone I had purchased years ago warped up a lot lighter than it appeared on the cone and reminded me of a mouse. It's really quite a lovely colour, if a bit boring at first glance. The top and bottom of the cone have probably been exposed to sunlight for long periods of time before, and so have become more of a pinkish colour as compared to the rest of the cone (the colourway is officially "stone", I believe, though the label has long been lost), resulting in short pink slivers popping out occasionally on both the warp and the weft. Like mice.

Or spiders. Speaking of which, a spider rested itself upon my wall right above the loom and stayed there for a good part of the day as I wove: a good omen, I think. I mean, spiders are master weavers, aren't they?

Look how relatively evenly tensioned that warp is! And those little pink flecks! Charming.
I think I'm starting to get the hang of winding on the warp on my own! I might have to shove something into the back beam on the right edge later on (odd; it's usually the left side that's loose), but for the most part, the tug-and-wind method is working beautifully for me. For the first couple of warps it was a bit difficult simply because the plastic warp ties bounced back into shape, but they have since curved much more and go quietly into the back beam without too much hassle.

The check pattern cloth has been finished for a number of days now, and I just have to take some pictures of it and figure out what to make with it. I'm pretty happy with it, though I can't imagine myself wearing it... perhaps it will simply remain a wrap and end up in the store?

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