Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A Little Too Free-Spirited

over the shoulder throw
You can just throw it over your shoulders and it'll still land more or less evenly over them!

Another test knit for the lovely Nadia Crétin-Léchenne: I chose to knit Free Spirit out of the Shawls Junkie collection. And apologies in advance for the lighting: I completed everything very last minute due to school & applications for calls. But a huge thank you to my mom, who took the photos!

from the back
Double wedge by mistake... but I kind of like it.

Unfortunately, I made it a little too free-spiritedly, first knitting the reconnecting stripes section wrong (see the first two triangle sections, which look a bit thinner because I didn't knit to the correct part), then knitting a double-wedge section into one!

closer look at my mistakes
In full. Including the thinner stripes.

Still, the patten was easy to follow (despite my own carelessness), and it had enough interesting parts that kept you on your feet (though I clearly sat right down). Once you reach the second or third wedge, you probably won't even need to refer back to the pattern anymore, which is actually probably why I messed up so maybe don't take my advice, and you'll be able to knit it while watching a movie or two.

pretty happy nonetheless
Staying squarely on my shoulders. Love it.

The shape of the entire shawl sits very nicely on your shoulders and doesn't threaten at every move to shift and fall off your person, which is quite nice also.

Which is all to say, go make your own Free Spirit! Perhaps not in quite as free-spirited a fashion as I did, taking liberties all along the way to make little mistakes here and there, or perhaps so. I'm not too miffed about the double-wedge, to be honest, and I'm mighty pleased that I've completely used up the Riverside Studio singles (doubled up to approximate pattern weight), as well as started in on the Spellbound (in Throne), along with biting into the Estelle Super Alpaca that I've had in my stash since the very very beginning. Not bad!

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