Friday, August 5, 2016

Ghost Photos! (Not.)

At a temple, no less.
None of these are ghost photos (that I know of!), but I'm surprised anything came out of this roll at all. Some of these shots were taken at Nam San Wai, so I know for sure which roll of film this is: the one I thought never rolled on properly. When I rewound the film, after going way beyond 36, I only had to wind a couple of revolutions before the film was off the other side, so clearly it never took, right? And yet pretty much the entire roll contains photos of Hong Kong! Because I thought nothing took, I put the film in once again and, as luck would have it, shot everything at the wrong ISO (it was a 100 ISO film - I shot at 400 by accident), which is where the ghostly effects are coming from. Funny how things work out, since everything would have been too dark if I had shot at the correct settings. Now. I have no idea when I took the above shots. I usually try to avoid shooting people, so the fact that there's someone at the foreground is very odd.

Who are you? I think I know where this is, but I don't remember taking this shot...
It's really interesting to see how, without any planning whatsoever, the double exposures still came out pretty well. I suppose it's because I take photos according to some sort of rules or guidelines? Not really consciously, but I have a certain aesthetic and I follow it most of the time.

Intersecting lines

The trees are where the other trees are at, parting around where the bridge meets the ground!
Probably because of the number of times I tried to get the film to catch, and the number of times it went through the camera, some of the shots are in noticeably rough shape. It's also really grainy, in addition to the fogginess that I'm getting all around. Not the crisp red that this redscale has offered before.

Funnily enough, even two shots with different orientations work out well together! The lighter layer was taken in Canada for sure, though I can't really make out where exactly, and the main image is in HK. You can see the damage on the film in this one, though they're not scratches since they came out almost white (something must have been blocking the light on the film when they were being printed). Unless the plastic cover's scratched? I kind of just threw it into my bag after all. I'd like to think the imperfection adds to the effect.

Downstairs at ah por's

What's that ghostly figure in the center?

A variety of sweets. I don't even remember what we got, just the old lady that asked us to share with her after we paid.

This one's odd, because at first glance I thought the bright part was a reflection, and the white wisps clouds. Note how there's no sun on the "right" side of the "reflection". And the clouds? Probably damage to the film, though I'm not sure what. It might be dirt, actually, since no light, or very little, got through when it printed. I'm actually really happy with how this roll turned out, all in all. It's a good mix of where I came from and where I am now, a small, unintended negotiation.

Now ain't that lovely?

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