Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Last of the Heatwave

Heatwave Singles

We're back to 30°C weather, hopefully for the last time this year, so I think it's rather fitting I should have finished off the last of all the Shetland fiber (colourway: Heatwave) yesterday. I really just had to skein the rest of the singles up and finish them, but I made it in time to catch the heat again.

nbk shetland fiber
Leftover singles on the wheel

First were the leftover singles that I had on the bobbin, all 13g of it. I found it much easier to pull things off the niddy noddy when I had it at 2 yards as compared to the 1 yard length. Less room to maneuver with only 1 yard, I think.

nbk shetland fiber
Singles on the Houndesign Dali Lace drop spindle

As for this skein, weighing in at 17g (I lost quite a bit of the singles since they kept breaking on me while I wound this up), I finally pulled it off the spindle after probably a year or so? You can see all the different colours much better on this skein than any others though: that beautiful lilac-grey transitions into the mustard, before finally dissolving into a rusty brown. The original plan had been to keep all these colours separate for the wheel skein and then navajo it to keep the transitions, but my ability to navajo kept that idea at bay. Ah well. Next time.

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