Friday, May 22, 2015

The Oracles at Delphi

The Oracles at Delphi
Hand-dyed fingering-weight superwash merino
So I've been trying out this dyeing thing using some food colouring pastes (Wilton), and been getting some really lovely results! Mostly with the superwash merino yarns, but also with the BFL and Corriedale. I get the feeling BFL & Corriedale soak up the dye a little bit quicker than the superwash merino, so when this colour broke, the BFL & Corriedale got all the pink-purple hues and left all this lovely blue-turquoise-teal for the merinos to soak up.

Test-knitting a lace shawl
Test-knitting. Hush hush.
And of course, I've had to knit it up to see what it looks like used, so I've used my two skeins of fingering weight superwash merino dyed in this colourway for a test knit. I've already finished up and it's just blocking now - the colours dyed pretty evenly across both skeins (hurrah!) so there aren't any sudden changes in how it knit up, and while I wasn't too excited about it while it was on the needles (I'm more a fan of semi-solids rather than variegated), it looks pretty darn nice blocking, if I do say so myself. It's probably going to go to my friend as a graduation present, since I've been promising to knit her something for years now. Also, this colour is perfect for her love of space!

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