Thursday, May 7, 2015

Will it twill? Will it twill?

What's this? Something other than plain weave? You mean you can do that?

Of course it'will. Of course it'will. It did. But it's a chevron. And I was aiming more for a herringbone pattern... it probably didn't help matters that I had chosen a chevron draft, but I was really hoping.

It's 134g of madtosh tosh lace, handwoven on my Ashford Knitter's Loom using two 12dpi rigid heddles.

You can see it a little better in this photo.

That being said, I am quite happy with the fact that I have now figured out how to read weaving drafts (kind of, I think, more or less?) and also that I've woven something other than plain weave (finally), so all's well. Now I'm really just more worried about how I'm going to do herringbone on my AKL. All the drafts I could find of it required 4 shafts, and I'm pretty sure that my rigid heddle loom can only do up to 3 shafts before requiring pick up sticks, which I'm really not looking forward to using. I'm wondering whether I can just do a 3-shaft herringbone pattern instead. It works in my head, but actually doing it is another issue altogether.

Either way, now that I've figured out how to kind of work out 3-shaft drafts on my AKL, that opens up a world of possibilities, which should keep me plenty busy over the summer. There's also a not-so-little side project that I'll be doing, which might surface (or not) depending on its success.

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