Friday, February 26, 2016


Just a list of the collections that have been popping up everywhere as of late! And somehow, they're all things I like? So here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Interpretations Vol.3 (Joji & Veera) - almost everything.
  2. Piper 2016 (Quince & Co.) - laceweight! garments! lace! What more need I say?
  3. Indulgent Dreams (Hanna Maciejewska) - I have Deep Feelings about this one.
  4. Shibui SS16 - just steal my heart, Shibui. As always.
  5. Contrarian Shawls 2 (Amy Gunderson) - whoa.
  6. Bundled in Brioche (Stephen West) - This is really exciting! West has such masterful control over colour & the incorporation of all sorts of diverse elements into his designs, in such a way that nothing ever looks boring, so I'm really looking forward to what else is in the collection!
  7. The Colorblock Collection (Knit Picks) - Electric.
  8. Celtic Journey (Knit Picks) - again, a couple of patterns in here that I like, e.g. Rhiannon and if I were a stole knitter, the Fildais Stole
  9. 6 Bits Storybooks: DWELL - I'm not huge on knitting accessories, but there is a sweater in this collection, and I love it!
  10. AUTUMN Collection 5 (Marie Wallin) - Aspen! Carmine! Sapphire! (Those lace "edges" are really nice.) Sorrel! Colourwork & cables & beautiful colour palettes. That's my jam. Not that I do much colourwork (or cables, really), but I do appreciate me some of that.
And then, on a slightly unrelated, but not really because still a new collection, note, check out the papercut collective's new Ahoy! collection of sewing patterns. I finally took the plunge and ordered the Moana dress pattern, although I was also very tempted to get an Adrift, just for that skirt variation. (ETA: Did end up getting Adrift also. That skirt. It's the first textile-related purchase this year, don't judge!) Use code AHOYPAPERCUT for a 15% discount till midnight Sunday in New Zealand. Did I mention free shipping worldwide?

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