Sunday, May 26, 2013

frankie & smith

Frankie & Smith

Smith Journal
Purchased: 04.14.13
At: Chapters/Indigo
Notes: I guess I expected a lot from Frankie magazine (since I kept seeing people posting about it, especially the issue with the cross-stitched cover), so I was a little disappointed. There weren't as many articles as I expected, but in their defense, some of the articles did catch my interest. That being said, I feel like they weren't quite as in-depth or "serious" as I wanted them to be. It's great for a quick flip-through, when I maybe don't have too much energy to focus on longer articles, but my high expectations set me up for disappointment (which is probably of my own doing).
Smith on the other hand did impress me! They're both sold on the same site (from what I know, though I haven't really looked into it) and the description said that Smith was aimed at males, and I'm assuming Frankie at females, which makes me wonder what the implications are concerning their contents. That is, I found the articles in Smith much more engaging, both in the style of writing (even the length of them) and the contents, and it felt like I got a lot more for my investment than I did for Frankie. (Perhaps due to my expectations.) This was the sort of content I was looking for when I sought out Frankie, and I would probably go back to reread Smith at some later point in time.
Both of them are meant for different audiences (or different mindsets from a similar audience), and I'm sure both fulfill their goals in filling their respective markets, but I'd be more likely to purchase Smith again than Frankie, personally.

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