Friday, May 31, 2013

oh comely

oh comely magazine
Purchased: 05.27.13.
At: Chapters/Indigo
Notes: Looking for more magazines, and there were actually quite a few I wanted to get this time, but that my budget wouldn't allow. I flipped through it and saw that there were several pages that featured knit sweaters (along the same sort as the cover), which was what got me in the end. Overall, a very nice and simple, clean aesthetic that I quite enjoyed.
69 stations of Kisokaido
I also purchased this Hiroshige/Eisen Sixty-Nine Stations of the Kisokaido, which was on sale for $20! It's a sizeable hardcover book featuring their prints, which I fully intend on studying before I get back to my own printmaking in the coming months. At the moment it's still shrink-wrapped, but a flip through a sample in store revealed descriptions for each print, which were each a page in size, full colour. It's probably going to come in handy sometime during my academic career, and even if it doesn't... all those beautiful prints! (Albeit not actual prints, but it's still quite worth it).

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