Sunday, May 26, 2013

frieze & philosophy

Frieze magazine and The Story of Philosophy

Purchased: 05.24.13.
At: Chapters/Indigo
Notes: I went looking for knitting magazines, which I did get, as well as hoping to browse through the art magazines, since I want to try to expand my knowledge of people and what they're doing where. Maybe try to connect a bit more and go to galleries more often, and not just the bigger ones or when I have somewhere in particular to go. But I don't usually purchase magazines, so I had no idea which publications were going to be to my liking. So, as I'm sure many before me have, I looked through the stand and judged all the magazines I saw by their cover. I was looking for something that wasn't too image-heavy (I mean, I love images, but I also tend to gravitate towards text) and that had articles in-depth enough to actually give me enough information to get me interested enough that I'd do my own research later on. I flipped through a number, and found a lot had either Q&As or very short introductions of artists followed by pages of pictures, and not too many that were of the sort I was looking for.

one of the listing pages
So I settled for Frieze, but I'm quite happy I did! I haven't made my way through all of it, but I really appreciate all the shows and exhibitions that it lists for several countries! Especially since I want to go visit more galleries, it's very helpful to see where I can start, and I'm quite excited about it!

It was on sale.
As for the other item, The Story of Philosophy, it was on sale. I'm pretty into philosophy as a whole, and seek it out whenever I go to book sales and the like. I thought this might set a good foundation for whenever I read newer works that build upon the classics.

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