Friday, July 17, 2015

Orne Cardigan (and Stash Enhancement)

Soft, plush, sugarplum madtosh!
madtosh tosh dk in "sugarplum" - incredibly beautiful colourway (as per ushe)!
Has anyone seen the Orne Cardigan design from the new Knitscene issue? It came out a little while ago, but the moment I laid my eyes on it, I knew I wanted to knit it, so I got the issue, which features many other lovely designs I'm interested in (the Allotrope Pullover,  Canted Pullover, Caldwell PulloverMaduri Sweater, and Williams Cloche, to name a few. What do you mean I've listed just about half the designs?), and then did something that didn't make much sense given it was just after I posted about how I was maybe in danger of actually achieving SABLE: I went to a LYS that was having a sale at the time to 1)satisfy my desire to go because I knew about the sale and have that little self-restraint, and 2)find yarn for this cardigan. At least I went with a goal in mind. I also went on the last day of the sale because I figured it would have been scoured by all the other knitters in town and there wouldn't be much that would appeal to me by then (this part of the plan failed miserably: there were about 4 sets of sweater quantities I wanted to get). Also to give myself some time to think over my plans walking into the store (so that I would have some goals and not get those 4 sweater quantities, which I didn't).

Superwash Mushroom
Riverside Studio Merino Singles Lace (Superwash) in "Mushroom"

I walked out with the above madtosh tosh dk in Sugarplum, as well as 4 skeins of Riverside Studio Merino Singles Lace (Superwash) in "Mushroom". Ever since I saw this yarn a couple years ago, I've been wanting to try it out (Canadian company!), so even though it wasn't on sale, I went for it. I was originally thinking of using it for mokoshi, but after much swatching, I do believe I like the look of it knitted singly on 2.5mm needles better. Possibly I'll make a dress after the style of mokoshi?

Louet Euroflax Lace in "Goldenrod" & Misti Alpaca Lace
One more thing. Prior to the two aforementioned additions to my stash, and also after the post about SABLE - in fact I think it may have been the day immediately following that post - I went to Romni's to pick up some extra wire heddles for my Nilec, bringing along with me some stash yarn that had been sitting around forever, just in case. I may have gotten three more sweater quantities of yarn (the last one, not shown, is a dress quantity of more Elsebeth Lavold Eucool, in black this time). Just possibly. In my defence though, the yardage in my stash went down after this acquisition expedition, as I returned a set of alpaca lace (8 skeins) as well as 5 skeins of Araucania Botany Lace that had, like I said, been sitting around unused for years. So I'm actually further along in reducing stash than I was before! That's the way it works, right? Right?

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