Monday, July 6, 2015

Test: Under the Same Sky

Test for Nadia Crétin-Léchenne (ittybitty)
First knit-on edging!
 That knitted border felt like forever! And it ate up so so much yarn (I actually ran out and had to improvise a bit to be able to finish it off unnoticed)! But the finished product is well worth the effort. Another lovely lace shawl from Nadia, Under the Same Sky is well-written and features easy to memorize stitches (garter stitch, a lace stitch, and the wave edging) that come together to form a beautiful wrap.

I'm not sure how apparent it is in these photos, but one thing I am a little unsatisfied with is that the Love Spun bled. It's a beautiful colour, and I will definitely use the other Love Spun I have (except for the Fresh Moss, which I am offering for sale at $21/skein or $40 for both, plus shipping! PM me if you're interested), but maybe soak the skeins before knitting with them? In hindsight, I should probably have expected it to bleed: it's a pretty saturated colour, one; I keep reading comments on other yarn pages that blues are pretty prone to bleeding, two; and three, it crocked on my fingers whenever I knit for extended periods of time. So maybe I should have gotten a dye magnet or something. Well I didn't. And it bled. Right into that beautiful ivory Shibui Sock. It's not too too bad, but something to learn from.

4/12 tops done for the year! I'm not going to make it in time...
Did you also notice that tank top under the same sky shawl (see what I did there? Eh?)? It's the free Notched Hem Tank by Purl Soho! A really quick and simple knit that is very satisfying. I knitted it up in Elsebeth Lavold Eucool, which I thoroughly enjoyed working with. Pity it's discontinued. Or not, since I got to snatch some up at a discounted price? (Another post related to that, later, though. And right after I posted about the possibility of SABLE, too...) Anyway, the fit of this tank top is perfect, though I did lengthen it a little bit to 17" total from the armholes. I also changed the decreases so they pointed toward the edges rather than following the contour of the edges, since I like the look of that better. The notched bits are just right at the spot where pockets would go, so you don't have to hitch up your shirt any to put your hands in your pockets! So convenient. I would love to make this again!

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