Sunday, May 25, 2014

Fiber Fibre

Singles unite!
I started to experience some mild discomfort during my knitting, probably because of the weight of the mecha sweater and the fact that I'm just learning continental, so I decided to turn my attention back to spinning to let my arms rest a bit. (As though I actually need more motivation to spin more other than the fact that the sweetgeorgia fiber from last summer has still not been finished yet. I'm done spinning all the singles that I think I'll need of the "summer skin" (above) now, though, and I'm about 40g into one braid. Just need to ply them and set the twist before starting up those gloves for my friend!)

Malabrigo Nube in "Aguas"
Malabrigo Nube in "Persia"
So with this (re)new(ed) attention on spinning, I went out to further motivate myself to spin more! (The clear rationalization of my actions is only mildly disturbing.) The original plan was actually to go and see whether I could find a supported spindle - more specifically a Russian spindle, since those have really caught my eye - to try out, since I've only ever tried a top-whorl drop spindle, as well as maybe some cotton fiber to take full advantage of the supported spindle exerting zero weight on the fiber. I poked around at Romni's, where I knew they stocked African bead spindles, and purchased one along with another Ashford drop spindle (same as the one I already own) and some Malabrigo Nube.
Northbound Knitting Grey Shetland in "Heatwave" + Spindles
Then I made my merry way to Lettuce Knit, where I was sorely tempted to try out the silk hankies, but I settled on the Grey Shetland above. (I was also very attracted to one of the lace yarns, I forget the brand, but it's a superwash merino singles, and it comes in the most gorgeous vibrant colours; I wanted to take home a couple of grey skeins and a couple of the cyan blue to make a sweater; I resisted.) It's very different from the Corriedale and Merino I've been spinning (no duh) so I decided to have a go at more wool before moving on to plant fibers.
My goal is to spin at least 8oz of stashed fiber by the end of this summer (let's be generous and give me until school starts), whether it's just singles, or plied and set. I'm counting the sweetgeorgia already spun up. I think I'll need it.

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