Thursday, May 15, 2014

Knit Picks Options Interchangeables

Already cast on for a swatch with Malabrigo Mecha in "English Rose"
I must say, these are pretty dreamy. They even come with end caps. I've read a bunch of comments here and there that the quality of their needles varies a bit, so I was a little afraid. Not afraid enough to not place my order when the needles went on sale and my LYS just happened to have run out of interchangeable cables in 32" and 24" (just the lengths I wanted!) for the interchangeables I was originally intending to purchase. But now all my fears have been allayed, and I'm very happy with my new needles! Maybe I got lucky. Or maybe it's because I sent my order in on the 9th (Friday) and received it today (Thursday). Not even 5 full working days! (5 exact days, if you count the Friday, I suppose.) Always a nice surprise.

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