Friday, May 16, 2014

What's in a name?

Enough for me to make a reference to it, clearly.

So it happens that apparently, 3 full-sized projects (2 old sweaters that really should be finished up this year and my silver linings dress, which in comparison should actually take a lot more time to knit up and should therefore be much more behind progress-wise than those aforementioned sweaters - this is one of those times reality does not match with theory) is not enough for me to keep my mind from wandering. And with the arrival of those Knit Picks Options interchangeables in the size I needed to start working with my lovely Malabrigo Mecha, what else was I to do? Cast on, of course!

I only have 5 skeins of English Rose (though I do also have 5 skeins of Mostaza, an equally gorgeous colourway), so I decided to make a bare bones sweater: plain raglan sweater in stockinette stitch with ribbed collar and hems, worked top-down seamlessly (no need to use up more yarn seaming where unnecessary when I'm not sure I even have enough to complete the sweater without that extra concern), no shaping. Possibly with pockets. We'll see when we get to that stage and by that point I should be able to gauge how much more yarn I'll need to finish it all off. Or maybe I'll use some Mostaza to make the pockets. That's an idea.

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