Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It's pooling it's pooling it's pooling it's pooling it's pooling!!! I just started alternating the skeins to transition into the next one slowly, and it's not like I didn't notice the pooling before this, but it's giving the dress a bit of a striped look to it in some areas and more prominently a splotch or two of lighter areas, and I'm not sure how I feel about it... I know the yarn is going to soften and drape beautifully after I wash and block it, but I haven't had this much trouble with colours pooling before. The second skein is much less variegated and more overall medium grey (the first skein was medium grey mixed with lighter greys). In hindsight, I should have started off with the darker skein, then the more mottled one, and then used the lightest one for last. I just thought the first skein was less all over the place.
I am considering ripping back and just reknitting those 7" or so, but this is lace weight on 2.5mm needles. Well. It's still a bit stripey for the part where I started alternating the skeins, so. So. Where's the silver lining?

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