Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kitten Mittens

Cats for Wancat
Very belated post, but I had forgotten about these. Above are the kitten mittens I made for my friend for Secret Santa! I used the Moggies pattern, which was very easy to follow (it's more or less completely done by following the chart) and turned out beautifully. It was my first extensive colourwork project (the sheep sweater doesn't count. It just - truly and honestly - does not count.) and I definitely noticed my gauge relaxing by the second mitten. Also, look what happens when you don't really plan that well and run out of yarn! The upper left grey kitten is pinching in visibly because I had to substitute a couple of other (thinner) grey yarns since I ran out of the rest of my Cascade Heritage. Also, better colour combinations next time. The grey and the green almost blend into each other, which was completely unexpected. The recipient didn't even realize there were cats on the mittens at first and thought they were camo mittens! He was delighted when I pointed them out though, so I suppose it's fine? And maybe if they're less noticeable, the chances they'll be worn is higher...

In other news: a new issue of Brooklyn Tweed is out! I absolutely adore the colour palette and the styling (as always). Very tempted to cast on an Intersect, and League intrigues me, so I might get it for the sake of figuring out how to do intarsia so cleanly, but not actually make it for myself. Riptide's another beauty that I'm not sure I'd be able to incorporate into my wardrobe, but would love to make. It's actually a bit of an issue, the things that I want to make not being the things I would wear. Also the colours I want to use not being the colours I would wear. (Although I wouldn't hesitate too much wearing rather outlandish colours so long as I don't have to colour-coordinate them with other outlandish colours.)

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