Friday, January 1, 2016

Snow Day

snow day
Fat fluffy snowflakes - my fave.

The snow is not actually coming down enough to make it a snow day, but it's New Year's day, and it's snowing, and it finally looks the way it's supposed to in the winter hereabouts. I went to a New Year's party last night and didn't sleep a wink till around 8 this morning or so, and when I woke up a couple hours later, it was, for the first time in what I think must be weeks, bright and sunny and white with snow. It hasn't been very wintery this winter so far, and I'm a big fan of winter, so this is pretty much just the best welcome for the new year I can think of that could have happened.

That and making bread. Which is also being done right now.

Quiet on the street

I guess now is the time for me to start making my resolutions. I generally try to avoid making them because it seems as though they're simply a constant list of failures attributable to myself throughout all the year, but there are things I want to address. And these are things I have been trying to address for the past couple of years, so nothing particularly surprising, but maybe putting it down into words & out in public will make me try harder to adhere to them? I think what sums up all of my possible resolutions or goals at all times is simply to "become a better human being", but that's also a pretty shoddy resolution because it doesn't have any specific targets. So here are a couple of things I want to keep in mind this year (there's even headings!):

  1. Drink more water!
  2. Exercise. School got in the way, but I'd like to get back into doing something and not just sit and knit all day long (not that there's anything wrong with that picture! Except possibly health-related issues that will most definitely arise!). And if I can't get myself to work out, I want to at least go out and take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Go on nature trails. Just get up and move.
  3. Eat out less. There have been very few times I have enjoyed eating out to a degree that justifies my having done so, so much, this past year. I think we simply go out to the wrong types of places (all-you-can-eat? basically.) to eat whenever I'm out and about with friends, so I'm never too impressed. I think maybe in addition to eating out less, choose more wisely and try new things.
    • I do really like Mr.Tonkatsu though, which opened up closeby not too long ago, so I'm glad I tried it! And Genji Sushi is also great. Though that's a tried-and-true from at least a year or two ago.
    • The Vending Machine is the devil. Enough said.
    • Eating on campus is equally the devil.
      • Tims' Runs are problematic because they're so easy.
      • Pad Thai from Thai Express makes me cry because it's way too spicy (even at medium spice; I'm a baby), but it's so good. I feel horrible & super bloated after eating it though - I don't eat out often enough, so the amount of oil & other unhealthy amounts of unhealthy stuff that go into it destroy me almost instantly - so after I finish off that one more pad thai order that I have on my student card (because yes, I loaded exactly enough money to order one more pad thai), I am through with doing that to myself. One more late-night-in-the-studio-unplanned-dinner to go.
Textiles & Books
  1. Draft another pattern. Publish another pattern.
  2. Bring home less yarn & equipment (looms, needles, spinning supplies).
  3. Craft more. I kind of want to try to knit 12 sweaters/dresses/tops/clothing items in a year again. I didn't get quite close at all last year, but seeing as I'll be done school after April, I'm going to have lots of time to attempt to do it!
    • On a related note: Use up stash yarn! I want to clear out space, yes, but I'd love to see some of the old-timer yarns actually become something instead of sitting around as decoration.
    • Also: weave more! I have 3 looms (3!!). That should be plenty reason to weave. I also have a huge cardboard box filled with cone yarns (in addition to the ones that don't fit into the box), so I'd like to thin the herd a bit. Either knit with the cone yarns or weave it up, whatever works.
  4. I've got a stack of books I haven't read which, if piled carefully, would probably be taller than I am. Read them. Read War and Peace. It's been so many years. And I have 2 copies of it!

I don't believe one iota that I'll be keeping to these things 100% of the time, but I do want to at least keep them in mind. Let's see how this year goes. Judging by the start of it, it's going to be pretty stellar.

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