Sunday, January 24, 2016

Pointed Progress

pink threads aplenty
A bunch of ends to weave in.
See what I did there? Pointed progress? Please don't hurt me.

There's been some progress on the Chevron Cardigan that I've been plugging away at. The body has been completed, with a couple of mods to the original pattern, and one sleeve is being churned out as we speak. So, because I don't really plan on making more mods beyond the neck & button band treatment (except for maybe a couple of steeks for pockets, but then again, maybe not), here are the mods I made so far & some other comments:

  1. I made a crew-neck instead of the v-neck (or what I assume is a v-neck... it's kind of covered by the model's hair, unfortunately, so I can't quite make it out, but the instructions look like a v-ish-neck).
  2. Instead of binding off in stair-like fashion for the shoulders, I made short-row slopes, put the live stitches on a holder, and connected it all when I knit across the back using 3-needle BO, then binding off the back neck stitches and knitting across to pick up all the short row yos, before coming around again to do a 3-needle BO for the other shoulder. Much handier than doing more of that sewing stuff.
  3. That being said, I still knit this in pieces. I wanted the structure side seams would offer me.
  4. Because I went down a needle size (3.5mm & 2.75mm), I'm making the second size (M).
  5. I made the shorter version, and even measured the pieces to be around 14" while stretching it out, since I knew it would grow (this tosh dk stuff is lovely, but it has a tendency to do that without remorse), but it has since grown without any regard for my regards for its nature, to about 15~16" long.

Perfect fit though!
Knitting the first sleeve.
As you can see, the ribbing at the bottom of the cardigan/jacket pulls in quite a lot - which is exactly what I wanted, so that I can get the bubbled look in the first photo (I was pulling the fronts in, to simulate actually having buttonbands holding it all together). The crew neck modification looks great right now, and the shoulders are a good fit. One sleeve has passed the point of increases (oddly only about halfway up the arm or so?) and is on a straight path to completion. Also, that white dress? It's my own from this exhibition. Perfect fit. As it should. I wouldn't mind me another one in black.

I'm pretty excited to wear this when it's all done! My first garishly pink clothing item! (Or not. I mean, one could argue this is also garishly pink. They would lose the argument hands down, but they could still theoretically try. Not to mention a hand-me-down dress I chose to keep, which is an undeniably bright pink.) And once I'm done, I can start something that isn't in the colour range of red-pink-pink/orange/blinding! Nevermind that the pink slip hasn't even been cast on yet. Also nevermind that my burnt brioche has not seen one stitch of progress for a while now. Or that I haven't really gotten too far into my scarlet billows dress either. And don't even get me started on those two forever-unfinished objects. I just saw this nice and simple cowl on ravelry yesterday (free!) and I want to cast on already! I'm thinking of using up the rest of my Malabrigo Mecha in Mostaza (the one I used for the bulky Change of Heart). This is looking to be a productive year already (if I get things finished, mind you)!

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